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High power picosecond laser  tattoo removal machine
High power picosecond laser  tattoo removal machine
High power picosecond laser  tattoo removal machine
High power picosecond laser  tattoo removal machine
High power picosecond laser  tattoo removal machine

High power picosecond laser tattoo removal machine

Model NO.:
USD 5000.00-20000.00 / set
Min order:
1 set
Supply Ability:
100 set / Month
Country of Origin:
Stock Time:
7 days after placing order Days
  • Type:Laser
  • Q-Switch:No
  • Style:Stationary
  • Place of Origin:CN;BEI
  • Feature:Pigment Removal
  • Feature:Pigmentation Correctors
  • Feature:Skin Rejuvenation
  • Feature:Tattoo Removal
  • Application:For Commercial & Home Use
  • Laser Type:diode laser
  • Feature:red and brown pigmention
  • Certification: FDA, CE, ISO13485 
  • Model Number:SL-NY301



High quality beauty equipment picosecond laser q switch nd yag laser tattoo removal machine

Product Description

532nm: for treatment of epidermal pigmentation such as freckles, solar lentiges, epidermal melasma, etc. (mainly for red and brown pigmention)

1064nm: for treatment of tattoo removal, dermal pigmentation and treating certain pigmentary conditions, such as Nevus of Ota and Hori’s Nevus. (mainly for black and blue pigmention)

Laser facial: skin rejuvenation and Resurfacing, smooth out fine wrinkles and expression lines, reduce pigmentation such as sun spots and freckles, firm up skin tone.

Contrast (Before & After)



Laser technology has greatly improved the ability to treat melanocytic lesions and tattoos with the rapidly pulsed Q switch neodymium: yttrium aluminium garnet (Nd: YAG) laser. The laser treatment of pigmented lesions and tattoos are based on principle of selected photothermolysis. The QS laser Systems can successfully lighten or eradicate a variety of benign epidermal and dermal pigmented lesions and tattoos with minimal risk of untoward effects.



1.Electro optic Q switch Nd Yag Laser, releases actual single pulse of laser energy. Really achieve to painless treatment and micro-injury to skin, long-term lasting treatment result

2. Spot size: 1-8mm adjustable

3 Excellent 7 articular-arm, to ensure the accuracy of long treatment and easy the operator’s hand greatly

What is EO Q-Switched ND:YAG Laser?

By storing energy between pulses, an EO Q-Switched laser is able to deliver a more effective pulse output than traditional lasers.

The EO (Electro-optic) Q-Switch acts as an efficient high-speed shutter, delivering pulses in nanoseconds.

This technology allows the equipment to produce peak power with a 5 to 8 nanosecond pulse width.


Laser type


Q switch type

EO active Q switch technology

Laser output wave length


Laser signal Pulse energy

1064nm : 100~1000mJ

532nm: 100~500mJ

Laser Pulse width


Laser Recurrence rate


Aming Light

Red infrared light

Laser Lamp life time

More than 1,000,000 shots

Spots Diameter

2-10mm(continously adjustable)

Laser Robs

crystal rods


10.4” color LCD screen



Case Material


Laser Cooling condition

Wind + water

Laser Power source

220V/5A or 110V/10A

Machine Size


Package Size


Company Information


Beijing Superlaser Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer in research and development, production, service of professional medical and beauty equipment in China, specialized in IPL System,RF System, Cavitation System, Diode laser system,Nd:YAG laser system, PDT system, Laser platform System. All of our products had been gained the Europe CE Certification, ISO13485 Quality Control System.

Our products have been enjoyed by all over the world, such as United States, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia and others. We provide OEM and ODM customer service with our products.We have the professional R&D team, production team, after-sell service team, internal sales team, designing team.Our engineers had been engaged in this industry for more than 30 years. They keep our company more competitive in the advanced technology in the global market.

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