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Features of diode laser machine

Features of diode laser machine

Features of diode laser machine


The diode laser machine features
1. The new laser diode machine offers an innovative, easy-to-maintain and expandable modular design with an intuitive user interface, efficient skin cooling and a two-handpiece system. 
2. Two-handpiece system(Support Customization)
Multiply your treatment options with our new two-handpiece system and save time with multiple handpieces connected simultaneously.Maximum manoeuvrability and better handling
3. New medical class large and economic wheels make the diode laser machine easy to transport. There’s space for all your accessories on the rubber shelf.(the rubber shelf can be equipped according to your needs)
4. Ultra-sharp 10.4” LCD touchscreen display(Support Customization)
A new, ultra-sharp and responsive 10.4” touchscreen LCD with a completely updated user interface allows intuitive and user-friendly operation. The superlaser laser diode machine has a 10.4”(12” and 15” support customization) touchscreen liquid crystal display (LCD) featuring a redeveloped and intuitive user interface. Users can select between the menu for treatments and settings. There are suitable menus for beginners and professionals alike. 
5. New, highly-efficient device cooling
The new internal water cooling system allows for stable operation in all environmental conditions. Peltier elements in the handpiece ensure reliable skin cooling.
6. Revolutionised maintenance
Online remote maintenance not only provides fast system maintenance, but also shortens technical working time. This redefines the idea of service.
7. Hygienic disposable cap
This diode laser machine has developed a flexible disposable cap to ensure the greatest possible level of hygiene during treatment. It individually adapts to each handpiece and can easily be applied to the handpiece tip before each treatment.
8. Shockwatch sensor
The shockwatch sensor is now standard on all handpieces, ensuring optimal control and giving accurate insights into the condition of each individual Monolith. This helps you as a customer and improves our device service sustainably.
9.Diode technology
The one-of-a-kind diode technology with variable pulse length and highly efficient cooling system guarantees safe treatment of all skin types. With power of from 600 to 5,000 watts and a spot size from 1cm² to 10 cm², the superlaser diode laser machine also enables a greater penetration depth to destroy hair follicles.


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Beijing Super laser Technology Co., Ltd.

Beijing Super laser Technology Co., Ltd.

Beijing Superlaser Technology Co., Ltd



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