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LED PDT Light Beauty Machine

LED PDT Light Beauty Machine

LED PDT Light Beauty Machine


Professional PDT LED Light Therapy Machine with Medical CE Certificate and FDA Certificate,

It is a medical grade professional pdt led light therapy machine.


Red Light (635nm): Anti-aging, stop hair losing, skin rejuvenation, skin tightening,
remove pigment
Green Light (535nm): Improve oily skin and acne, improve lymph circulation
Blue Light (415nm): Acne healing, sensitive skin care
Yellow Light (635nm+535nm): Accelerate blood and lymph circulation, pigment
removal and improvw the skin tone
Infrared Light (830nm±5nm): Wound healing, pain relief



1. LED PDT Light Beauty Machine is a phototherapy machine which professional focuses on increase skin tissue synthesis of collagen and elastin fibres, to produce healthier, faster healing, younger looking and glowing skin.
2. PDT LED technology generates photons at different frequencies to penetrate into deeper layers of tissue. Different wavelengths (colors blue, red, IR) of light will have different effects on the skin.
3. LED PDT Light Beauty Machine with Multi functions which is recommended for improving oily skin, removing marks and excess pigmentation, diminishing wrinkles, skin flaccidity, expression lines and orange-peel skin, for firming skin, treating localised adiposity and for whitening teeth.


PDT LED light skin rejuvenation machine Applications:

Minimizes wrinkles and fine lines on facial skin or body skin, as crow's feet, stretch mark, pregnant lines
Heals blemishes and irregular pigmentation
Sun damaged skin and reduces brown age-spot
Improve skin complexion, and anti-aging as shrinking skin pores
Acne treatment, acne scar treatment
Skin injury recovery, anti-inflammation, tissue repair and swelling treatment
Hair loss treatment for restoration
Speed up metabolism and blood



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Beijing Super laser Technology Co., Ltd.

Beijing Super laser Technology Co., Ltd.

Beijing Superlaser Technology Co., Ltd



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