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Photorejuvenation IPL machine photoelectric skin beautification laser

Photorejuvenation IPL machine photoelectric skin beautification laser

Photorejuvenation IPL machine photoelectric skin beautification laser


Photorejuvenation is also called IPL. It is one of the long-lasting photoelectric skin beautification projects with amazing effects. Photons are not lasers, lasers have only a single wavelength, and photons are strong pulsed light that can emit light of multiple wavelengths. Therefore it is also called IPL. The selective photothermal effect of photons, that is: because light of different wavelengths can enter different skin layers, it can perform precise treatments for different targets, which can remove acne, freckle, shrink pores, wrinkle, remove redness, hair removal, etc. In addition, photon also has a biological stimulating effect. Its light and heat can stimulate the skin's self-repair response, stimulate the rearrangement of collagen and elastic fibers, and play a skin rejuvenation effect. Photon rejuvenation will not make the skin thin and sensitive.It can promote the shedding of aging stratum corneum and form new healthy skin. On the contrary, it can thicken the skin and reduce inflammation and sensitivity. It is a classic item of thoughtful treatment.


IPL machine


How long can IPL skin rejuvenation last?

The treatment of IPL skin rejuvenation cannot be done once and for all. Generally, it can be maintained for about a year after a course of treatment (3-6 times), and then it needs to be treated again to maintain the desired effect.

How often does the IPL skin rejuvenation treatment, and the number of treatment courses?

In clinical practice, the IPL skin rejuvenation equipment will treat 3-6 times per treatment course, and each treatment time is 30 minutes; the response after treatment is slight, most of which only last for a few hours, and generally do not affect normal work and life.

How long does it take for IPL Rejuvenation to see the effect?

Generally, the whole course of treatment takes about 3-6 times, and the skin lesions will be significantly improved after each treatment. The main purpose of dividing the treatment into several times is to greatly reduce the risk of adverse reactions while gradually improving the skin. The most important thing is that the treatment does not need to be stopped, and after each treatment is completed, normal life and work can be restored immediately.

Will IPL skin rejuvenation be effective after finishing it?
Clinical practice has proved that, regardless of male or female, regardless of age, certain effects can be obtained after IPL skin rejuvenation treatment, especially for young and middle-aged women. Because laser light radiation promotes cell metabolism and blood circulation, the skin becomes smooth and tender. Deeper wrinkles can become shallower, and finer wrinkles can be flattened.


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