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erbium laser 2940nm Er:YAG laser

erbium laser 2940nm Er:YAG laser

erbium laser 2940nm Er:YAG laser


Erbium laser is a solid-state pulsed laser with a wavelength of 2940nm, whose wavelength is exactly at the highest absorption peak of water. Compared with the traditional carbon dioxide laser (10600 micrometers), the absorption force of water is increased by about ten times. Therefore, this solid erbium In theory, laser can ideally cause rapid heating of superficial skin. In the case of minimal thermal damage, precise vaporization of tissue, thermal damage is limited in the range of 30-50vm, so it can peel the epidermis more superficially, The skin heals quickly, the post-operative pigmentation time is shortened, the thermal damage is less, and it only acts on the epidermis layer without damaging the dermis layer. Therefore, there are fewer side effects and the healing time is relatively shortened.

erbium laser

1. Micron-scale precision scar grinding
Reliability and gentle cutting in the treatment of various dermal and epidermal diseases. Therefore, Er:YAG laser technology has been successfully used for a long time in skin rejuvenation, skin resurfacing, scar healing, laser-assisted cosmetic treatment, etc.
2. The safest and most reliable scar treatment energy
The intelligent system of the handle can calculate and adjust the energy required under a specific spot, so that the energy distribution of the same spot is very uniform, ensuring the best treatment effect. At the same time, the laser energy is preferentially absorbed by water, and the absorption value of melanin and hemoglobin is extremely low, which avoids the occurrence of side effects to the greatest extent.

The advantages of erbium laser in all aspects
1. More precise and safe grinding;
2. Minimal thermal damage;
3. It is suitable for both superficial treatment and deep grinding;
4. The risk of scarring and pigment changes is greatly reduced;
5. Most treatments do not require anesthesia;
6. Short healing period and low side effects;
7. Erbium laser has a more precise treatment effect, and the side effects such as postoperative pigmentation have been reduced
8. During the treatment, the thickness of the skin vaporization is only tens of microns, which is thin, accurate and thorough;
9. Less thermal damage to surrounding tissues;
10. The skin tissue recovers quickly after surgery;
11. Not easy to form scars;


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