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freezing point 808nm semiconductor laser hair removal device

freezing point 808nm semiconductor laser hair removal device

freezing point 808nm semiconductor laser hair removal device


Semiconductor laser hair removal device  (full name freezing point 808nm semiconductor laser hair removal device), its working principle is based on selective thermodynamics, the laser power supply is controlled by a microprocessor to provide an adjustable constant current for the laser module, so that the inside of the laser module The high-power laser diode converts electrical energy into light energy, and outputs a continuous laser with a wavelength of 808nm. The effective penetration depth of the 808nm wavelength can reach the target tissue (hair papilla). The appropriate pulse duration ensures that the target tissue produces sufficient thermal damage. The surrounding tissues are almost unaffected, so that the hair falls off and loses the ability to regenerate, achieving the purpose of hair removal.

In addition, the freezing point semiconductor laser hair removal device adopts the sapphire epidermal cooling system, which gives the skin a cool feeling. It is a true painless hair removal device.

Agency requirements
1. People in the industry have a fixed place of business;
2. Have sales experience, familiar networks and channels;
3. Have a certain degree of financial strength, which can ensure the sustainable development of the manufacturer's cooperative relationship;
4. Have a sound sales network and marketing team in the agent sales area;
5. Good credit foundation, agree with our company's marketing philosophy.

Available support
1. Perfect quality assurance, high customer return rate;
2. National unified brand and unified retail price;
3. Under the agreed conditions, provide you with high-quality after-sales service to ensure the brand management right in the agency area;
4. Complete regional protection measures, refusal to circulate goods;
5. Advanced marketing planning, printing promotional materials, on-site sales assistance POP, brand image supplementary materials, etc. timely delivery;
6. Constantly innovating products, a steady stream;
7. Regular activity support, formulate different promotion plans every month according to the season and the humanistic system;
8. Lasting and considerable profit margins.


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Beijing Super laser Technology Co., Ltd.

Beijing Super laser Technology Co., Ltd.

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