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laser cosmetology

laser cosmetology

laser cosmetology


Beginning in the 21st century, laser cosmetology has entered the theme of skin rejuvenation and anti-aging from treatment, with fractional laser as the main treatment method.
The scientific principle of fractional laser
Principle of selective photothermal action
Extended Selective Photothermal Principle Lattice Photothermal Principle
In 2004, a laser expert from Harvard University proposed the classification of fractional lasers
Exfoliative fractional laser: vaporization, ablation type, with vaporization zone, mainly CO2 laser (wavelength 10600nm) and Er:YAG laser (wavelength 2940nm).
Non-ablative fractional laser: non-vaporization, non-ablation type, with micro-thermal damage area, no vaporization area, mainly with wavelengths of 1320nm, 1440nm and the latest 694nm fractional laser.
Microablative fractional laser: The stratum corneum is intact, and the epidermis below it has a vaporized area, mainly a fractional glass laser.
Light (wavelength 1540nm or 1550nm).
Fractional laser indications
1. Facial rejuvenation
- Wrinkles, pores, photoaging, etc.
2. Depressed scars and hypertrophic scars
- Post-acne pitting scars, various post-traumatic scars
3. Pigmented lesions
- Melasma, age spots, hyperpigmentation, etc.
4. stretch marks or stretch marks


Step 1: Rejuvenation
first step
Rejuvenation for correcting skin tone
Treat entire face with SR or SRA (15-20 minutes)
Intense pulsed light 580-980nm
Step 2: Firming
second step
tighten the skin
Treat the selected area with the Refirme head (20-30 minutes >700-2000nm
Step 3: Wrinkle Treatment for Depressed Scars and Skin Texture Step 3
MatrixIR for wrinkles
Treatment of wrinkles and skin dents with the MatrixIR head (5-10 minutes) 915nm pixel laser
3. Combined application of radio frequency and laser
Refers to the combined application of radiofrequency technology and light therapy technology. The result of the combined effect is that the epidermis is protected, while the therapeutic effect is maintained or stronger. To achieve the effect of depigmentation, rejuvenation, firming, and wrinkle removal. The wavelength is 980nm.
Fourth, ablative fractional laser and non-ablative
Dot matrix home light cross use
1. Avoid the risk of repeated application of ablation fractional laser. 2. Shorten the course of treatment and improve the curative effect.
Common combinations are:
1. cO2, Er:YAG+1440, 1320 non-ablative fractional laser 2. 1440, 1320+other, micro-ablative fractional laser
3. One month after one-time ablation, add a second non-ablative treatment 5. Radiofrequency and fractional radiofrequency


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