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Fiber Couple Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine FCD Laser 810


Fiber Couple Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine FCD Laser 810

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FCD ( Fiber Coupled Diode Laser ) technology is based on the selective dynamics of light and heat. This laser will form enough thermal energy to destroy the targeted follicular epithelium because of the laser-induced photothermal effect. In contrast, the surrounding skin tissue is spared due to lack of melanin. This way, the surrounding skin remains intact, while the hair follicles are selectively affected, which leads to non-invasive permanent hair reduction.




1. Uniform Energy Distribution Laser is output by homogenized fiber. Near field output energy

2. Low Damage Rate The structure of the laser makes it easier to dissipate heat efficiently

3.Low Requirement of Maintenance With macro channel designing, Coolite Pro needs no more filters or deionizer.

4. Long Lifespan Over 50 million shots


Introduction (FCD Laser Hair Removal)
FCD Laser 810 is a fantastic fiber coupled diode laser machine for hair removal and permanent hair reduction. Introduce FCD(Fiber Coupled Diode Laser)technology to aesthetic laser machine is a big breakthrough in medical aesthetic field. Due to the new technology, FCD 810 has a outstanding working performance and perfect depilation effect. Built with high energy, efficacy and comfort as the foundation, FCD810 is the best ROI choice for a dependable laser hair removal system.


What is Fiber Coupled Diode (FCD) technology?
The light generated by multiple diode laser are coupled into a single-core multimode fiber by micro lens array, in order to deliver light to the target place. This innovative design assures uniform energy distribution, low damage rate, long lifespan and easy maintenance of the diode laser.


Why Painless ?
A high repetition rate of short pulses are delivered deep into the dermis, achieving high average power and therapeutically effective heat build-up, with virtually no pain.
The Fast Sliding technique of moving the handpiece repeatedly over the treatment area ensures full coverage while powerful cooling system cools the skin surface to prevent superficial burns.


Why Choose 810nm Wavelength?
810nm diode laser is the gold standard for hair removal. Light at the wavelength of 810nm is absorbed by melanin in folicle and greatly reduce the absorption by water
and hemoglobin. Treatment is safe for epidermis.

Advantages :

1. Multi Functional : 1 machine = 3 machines
Compared with Traditional Diode Laser bars Hair Removal machine, Fiber coupled diode laser has more functions.

— 4mm x 4mm treatment tip    :    Pigmentation removal , Skin rejuvenation
— 12mm x 12mm treatment tip:    Hair Removal

— 60mm x 60mm treatment tip:    Physiotherapy Therapy


2. Touch cooling system
Sapphire touch cooling assures reliable and constant cooling result for skin surface with maximum comfort and safety. Maximum energy target on follicle with less  consumed by tissue. The temperature of 0ºC to 5ºC further increase treatment comfort.


3. Two years laser generator warranty
Offer a laser generator warranty for 50 million shots or 2 years, whichever comes first. The laser generator goes with super long service life, up to 60 million shots.


4. No consumables. High return on investment.


5. FCD810  could work under high temperature (45ºC) and high moisture, which prolongs the lifespan of laser generator significantly.


6. Ultra light hand-piece, high efficient operation

The weight of hand-piece is greatly reduced compared to the vertical laser stack hand-piece. Operators feel more convenient during long time operation. 12×12 mm spot size is accessible to fast and efficient operation on big area. The released energy makes excellent results on every inch of skin where hair removal is required.


7. Uniform Energy Distribution
Fiber coupled diode laser is designed with a uniform energy distribution at a small divergence angle for more gentle and effective depilation.


8. Easy and Low maintenance
FCD810 no longer requires to replace filters or deionizer. With a bigger volume of laser generator, the decreased heat flux. effectively prevents the thermal damage to laser generator. Meanwhile, FCD810 is driven by high voltage but low current, which improves the power efficiency and reduce over-heating.


9. Enhanced Laser Power & Lessened Hand Piece
Laser power is enhanced 20% up to 750 W, which release energy to get more excellent results. The hand piece is 25% lighter than previous edition, operators feel more comfortable during operation.


Technical Specifications

Model Number FCD810
Laser Type Fiber Coupled Diode Laser
Wavelength 810nm -755nm-ODM/OEM available
Function Hair Removal , Skin rejuvenation, Pigment Removal, Physiotherapy
Laser power 500W/600W/1000W/1200W-ODM/OEM available
Pulse width 7~600ms
Energy density 1~200J/cm2
Shot frequency 1-10HZ
Skin Type I~ VI skin colours optional
Areas Arms, Legs, Belly, Bikini, Underarms, small areas such as armpit
Treatment mode Fatst  Mode  &   Classic Mode & Free setting mode
Skin Cooling temperature 0ºCto 5ºC
Spot size 4mm x 4mm  for Pigmentation Removal, Skin Rejuvenation
12mmx12mm  for Hair Removal
60mm x 60mm for Physiotherapy
Mainframe weight 80KG


Fiber Laser Hair Removal Machine
FCD Laser
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