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Portable Medical Laser CO2 fractional laser dematological laser medical equipment


Portable Medical Laser CO2 fractional laser dematological laser medical equipment

Model: SL-LC01
Brand Name: Boslaser
OEM/ODM: Professional Design & Reasonable Expense
Suitable for: Hospital,Skin care center,Beauty salon...

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fractional co2 laser



How does Fractional CO2 Laser Equipment work?


The working principle of this dermatology medical equipment carbon dioxide laser therapeutic instrument is that the laser power supply drives the laser tube to emit light, through the refraction of several mirrors, the light is transmitted to the handle, and then the light is aggregated into one point by the focusing mirror installed on the handle, which can reach a very high temperature, so that the cutting part can be sublimated into gas in an instant, so as to achieve the purpose of cutting.

CO2 lattice laser therapy is a new laser radiating technology.during the treatment, hundreds of ordered micron pulse laser speeds were applied to the lesions of the skin by laser emitters for controllable treatment.


Fractional CO2 Laser


Scope of treatment:  carbon dioxide dot matrix beauty instrument can effectively treat wrinkles, pregnancy marks, pigmentation, all kinds of scars, etc. Carbon dioxide lattice beauty instrument is also known as CO2 lattice laser, the input wavelength is 10600nm, so it is named 10600 lattice laser therapeutic instrument. The lattice laser therapeutic instrument can effectively penetrate the skin depth of 4mm.

1.Collagen contraction and Remolding Pigmentation Removal

2.Skin tightening Scar Removal

3.Stretch mark removal



  1. 3 Systems: Cutting System, Fractional System, Gynecology System
  2. Humanized software control, more effective in treatment results
  3. Variable treatment graphics, adjustable shapes, sizes and spacing
  4. 7 joint articulated light guiding arm; Convenient and flexible in operation, greatly reducing energy loss.
  5. USA coherent device & glass tube optional; steady and even laser output
  6. Gold 360 degree annular emission technology, no omission, no dead angle, more efficient and safe
  7. The laser wavelength can be absorbed by micrometer tissue on the mucous membrane to avoid the damage ofdeep tissue or organ
  8. The laser energy is output in the form of optimized intermittent interval and short pulse, which can avoid the dam- age caused by the formation of high temperature on the surface of the skin, and form a uniform thermal effect on the surface layer hundreds of microns thick in the mucous membrane
  9. The treatment is convenient, the whole process takes only 20 minutes, no need to be hospitalized, just go away
  10. There are no side effects, the whole process safety index is high, the harm is almost zero, and does not affect the future life.

glass tube co2 laser

Fractional CO2 Laser Specification:


Host power

660 VA

Touch screen size

10.4 inch

cooling system

Closed inner circulating water cooling

Laser pulse width


Working laser wavelength


Output power


Outline dimension

SL-LC01 375L x 290W x 1130H


110V 60Hz or 230V 50Hz

Aiming at light

Red semiconductor indicator light (650nm)

Optical path transmission

7 joint light guide arm

beauty equipment factory

fractional CO2 laser
dermatology medical equipment
surgical laser
medical equipment
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